US Visa Interview

The US visa interview comes only once all the documents have already been processed. This interview will normally occur at the US Embassy in Bangkok. The interview usually comes after about four weeks once you have been notified. If there are any other documents which might be needed then you must ensure that you take all your paperwork to the Embassy again. If you are not married yet then consider a Thai prenuptial agreement with a Thai immigration lawyer.

US Visa Interview

The purpose of the interview is to check if you are in a genuine relationship as well as what type of US visa you are apply for. For a fiancée visa they questions might be less intrusive compared to a fiancée visa such as a K3 visa or a CR1 visa. For a fiancée visa the questions might be in line with:

  • ·         How many brothers does your husband have?
  • ·         Where are the two of you going to live?
  • ·         When are and where are you getting married?
  • ·         What does your husband do as an occupation?
  • ·         Where did the two of your meet?

They are very basic of the US Visa interview, but tells them where you met as well as that you know at least a bit about your fiancée. Where are you getting married tells them that you have the intention of getting married and where have you met tells them where and how you met. If it is a CR1 visa from Thailand or a US Spouse visa then the questions would be deeper.

  • ·         Where did you meet your husband?
  • ·         What is the name of your mother-in-law?
  • ·         How many brothers and sisters does your husband have?
  • ·         Where does he work and do?
  • ·         Where are you going to live in America?

What your Thai fiancée or Thai wife knows would be different. Normally people who are married tend to have more information about their in-laws. The questions would vary and these are just examples. Speak to a lawyer about these questions and what documents you might need to take with if they have not asked for additional information or documents.

US Visa InterviewWhen you apply for a CR1 visa they will be asking many more questions as getting permanent residency in America is going to be very easy so they are going to be very detailed in their questions. As you know the process for the CR1 visa from Thailand as well as the IR1 visa. These generally take more than a year however it is worth the time and effort if you have been married for a while and you don’t wish to have to do much paperwork back in the US.

It is not that common to have a visa denial at the visa interview. It does occur and you would need to have an appeal filed after they give you the reason for the visa denial. The only time this occurs is when additional documents have not been brought to the interview or where the documents do not match what is being asked. One could attribute this to her being nervous.

Always speak to a lawyer when it comes to the US visa as the appeal process can be costly and very difficult. It is best to ensure that all documents are correct and that your Thai fiancée or Thai wife understands the US Visa interview process.