US Visa Denial

The US visa denial in Thailand is not that uncommon. There are a number of visa denials each year in Thailand. There can be a number of reasons for this however you would need to speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand who would need to look into the reasons for the denial of the US visa. The US Embassy will give you a reason for the denial and that is where you start the appeal process.

US Visa Denial

Denials are normally where the consular officer concludes that you are not eligible for the visa or that there is a certain inadmissibility or ineligibility on the grounds of the law. In Thailand this could be drug or criminal activities as well as having overstayed a US visa before where your Thai fiancée or Thai wife was deported. These are not uncommon and will make them ineligible for a visa.

These are some of the reasons for visa denial:

US Visa DenialThe US visa does not allow for a polygamous marriage. If you or your wife has another spouse then the visa will be turned down. What is called a ‘village wedding’ or traditional Thai wedding without registering the marriage is not a legally binding marriage in terms of law however you would need to check with an attorney if this becomes an issue.

If your Thai fiancée has overstayed her US visa before then they will turn the visa down. There are exceptions to this during an appeal however you would need to take legal advice on this matter. This does become very complicated and the appeal process will be very difficult.

If your Thai spouse or fiancée is inadmissible for US citizenship then they will also deny the visa for her. This is very rare and you would again need to seek legal advice for the reasons for this.

If you have ever been a draft evader then the visa will also be denied if you avoid the draft in the US. This would also be very rare even though many who do get married are old enough to have been around during the Vietnam War.

More common issues are expired documents or invalid documents. Her passport might not be longer than 6 months to expiration or there are documents which have not been brought with to the US Embassy in Bangkok Thailand which she should have brought with.

Having a criminal record in Thailand will also get a visa denial however this will depend on a number of factors. These types of denials will require the services of an immigration lawyer in Thailand as they are very complex to appeal.

Health is another as they will not allow certain illnesses into the US. This can be appealed later when the illness is under control or has been solved. Again, these are complex to appeal and you will need an immigration lawyer to manage this for you.

These are a few of the US visa denial issues which do occur in Thailand. If you have had a visa denial then you might want to consider getting legal assistance in this regard. Also see the note on GAM Legal Alliance about the the US visa denial in Thailand.