Immigration Lawyer in Thailand

Always speak to an immigration lawyer. There are three main questions that will always be asked about applying for a US visa and some changes that has changed over the years. Note that you should speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand for advice and assistance. The most common question is showing that you intend to get married once back in the United States.

Immigration Lawyer in Thailand

It is not a legal requirements that you get married in a Western wedding ceremony. How you plan to get married is up to you. You could get married in a courthouse if that is what you want. No proof of this will be required for the K1 visa in Thailand. If however you have made these arrangements already then you can also add this to your application for the visa. This would including getting a letter from the church to state that you will be getting married there on a specific date.

The same goes for reservations at a hotel or other facilities that you already plan on using for your wedding. There are also bookings at a restaurant or hotel during your honeymoon. This is the main question that is asked.

Immigration Lawyer in ThailandThe USCIS updated the I-130 form and this appears to confuse people as it now requires more information. The form went from a 2 page application form to a 12 page application form. There is now also a Biometric Services Appointment” section on the form where you are the petitioner can now be called in for fingerprinting as well as for interviews, photographs as well as a new criminal background checks by the FBI.

These are new on the form compared from a few years back. There is the I-130A form is also new as it now requires details background checks for both you and your Thai wife or Thai fiancée. Always speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand for assistance before you start the process back in the US.

You would normally write a story as to where you met your wife as well as other information. Where you met, spoke online as well as photos and telephone calls which you will need to provide proof of. This is a large file in the end. When and where you met is important and where you spent time together. Photos would be proof of this. You will also need to describe where you will be getting married and that you will meet the 90 day deadline when she arrives back in the United States.

Speak to an immigration lawyer about what is needed as the laws do change from time to time. These three are usually the main questions other than a US visa denial in Thailand which could be for a number of reasons. The US Embassy will tell you why the visa has been denied and you would have to start the appeal process if there has been changes to your circumstances.

Speak to the immigration lawyers at GAM legal Alliance for more information and assistance when you apply for your US visa from Thailand. Always speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand.