Health-Related Reasons for Visa Denial

Health-Related Reasons for visa denial is not uncommon. In order to obtain a US visa for your Thai wife or Thai fiancée, she will need to obtain a medical certificate in Thailand. The following problems might cause the visa to be denied so speak to a US immigration lawyer in Thailand for more information. Mental as well as illness could very well cause a denial of the US visa. Re-applying can be done once the circumstances have changed.

Health-Related Reasons for Visa Denial

One of the most common problems tends to be vaccinations. Many times the documents cannot be found and you will need to speak to an immigration lawyer about this. Your Thai wife will need to ensure that she can find the documents where she grew up. The most common issues are the following illnesses – mumps, measles, rubella, polio as well as tetanus. They will also check there your Thai wife or Thai fiancee does not have measles, HIV AIDS or Hepatitis.

This would be the most common problem. From Mahidol University in Thailand the infection rates are – Health-Related Reasons for Visa Denialthe prevalence of Hepatitis B was 5.0% to 9.0% in urban populations and 5.5% to 11.8% in rural populations. You will need to take legal advice if the visa has been turned down on a health-related reasons for visa denial.

Measles is another important issues when it comes to not being inoculated. Measles in Thailand tends to be in the Southern provinces. If you Thai fiancee or Thai wife comes from Southern Thailand then she should know if she had been inoculated against the measles. She will need to find proof of this with the visa application. Religious beliefs in Southern Thailand tend to have the anti-vaccination issues and many are not inoculated.

From the Bangkok Post –  Thailand saw four per 100,000 people infected with measles. But the highest infection rate was reported from Yala province, with 51 per 100,000 people found to have been sickened. You will need to ask your Thai fiancee or Thai wife about this.

Polio is not really an issue in Thailand as it has been declared polio free. There are issues in towns close to Laos so you should check the birth location of your Thai wife. The Thai border areas are required to receive polio vaccines however there have been mutations. From 2016 there had been changes and you will need yo check which vaccination will be needed for the US as the trivalent oral polio vaccine, which contains three poliovirus serotypes has been changed to bivalent OPV in an effort to eradicate wild polio virus type 2. Again you will need to check which vaccination will be needed in this regard.

These are the three main issues in Thailand based on location. Southern Thailand with measles vaccinations. The Thai border towns with Polio and Hepatitis B in the urban environments in Thailand. Always take proper legal advice and ask your wife or fiancee if she has been inoculated or has any of these illness. Laws do change so ask GAM Legal Alliance in Thailand for more information on what you will require so that the is no health-related reasons for visa denial in Thailand.

You can also look at the other pages on this website for visa denials in Thailand with regards to health visa denial as well as visa denial for crime in Thailand. Again take legal advice in this regard so that you are not disappointed when the application has nee turned down. Most relationships in Thailand tend to end when these issues cause the visa denial so prepare for the worst if you cannot change the infection or illness that you might not have known about.