US Visa Interview Checklist

This is a very brief overview of your US Visa interview checklist in Thailand. The following is a short checklist for your US Embassy in Thailand. If you doing your visa interview then always check with your lawyer in Thailand about what needs to be brought to the Embassy interview. This is a very basic overview of what you might need when you have the interview. Again, this is only a guideline and may change.

US Visa Interview Checklist

1. Your Thai wife or Thai fiancée will need to have a valid Thai passport and it will need to have a long enough expiration date. Check with your immigration lawyer if this is 6 months or 12 months.

2. You will also need to have two color photographs, white background, passport size (2″X2″)

3. Form DS-260 confirmation page. Your immigration lawyer will know what this is. You can get this with your case number, and the “Invoice ID” number online.

4. You will also need to have the K-2 visas will be required to bring Form DS-160 confirmation page when this is a K2 visa application. Again, your lawyer will have this confirmation page.

5. Proof of Relationship between you and your Thai wife or Thai fiancée. These documents which you had submitted before. Normally an attorney will go with your with all the documents to the interview so that there is access to everything which has been submitted before.

6. The results of her medical examinations. Note that you are not allowed to open the sealed envelope. Opening the envelope will create many problems and you might get a visa rejection.

7. Certified copies of her divorce or death certificate of her former husband.

8.  If you had served in the armed forces they might want a copy of your military record. This might not be applicable in all countries.

9.  There might also be a need for a letter from your employer in the United States that should not be older than a month. Again each country will differ in this regard.

These are the very basic check list for the US visa application. You should always take proper legal advice with regards to this as the wait time for some countries can be longer than a week. See the US Visa Interview ChecklistUS visa wait times for more information when it comes to the US visa interview.

You are normally allowed only one person and this could be an interpreter. Normally the lawyer will go with and ensure that all the documents are in order and that they are available in the bundle of paperwork you will be taking with.

Note that at the end of your US visa interview in Bangkok, normally the consular officer will inform you Thai wife or fiancée whether her US visa application is approved or denied. They will provide a reason for a visa denial and you will need to see what the errors had been. Most times is a former deportation or incorrect paperwork.

Always take proper legal advice when it comes to immigration to the US from Thailand for both the fiancée visa as well as the spouse visa options. Be this a CR-1 visa from Thailand or a K1 fiancée visa from Thailand. Always check the US Visa interview checklist.