Form DS-160

This is the Form DS-160 in Thailand. If you have applied for a US fiancée visa from Thailand then you would have completed the process of documentation needed for the fiancée visa from Thailand. Once USCIS has approved the documentation and your application as well as sent you a notice that the application has been approved, it moved to the US Department of State for further processing.

Form DS-160

As started that within 30 days after the I-129F fiancé application and it is approved, you will receive a notice from the U.S. embassy in Bangkok which would include the date as well as the location of their visa interview. There will also be a list of documents to bring to the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. The DS-160 requires the next list of documents.

Thai Fiancée Documents (Form DS-160)

  • –          There must be two passport photos
  • –          The original birth certificate
  • –          Her valid Thai passport
  • –          Her police clearance certificate which is not older than 6 months
  • –          Her medical examination

Your Documents as the Sponsor (Form DS-160)

  • –          Your affidavit of support which is also called the Form I-134
  • –          You most recent tax returns (Proof of Funds)
  • –          Proof of relationship (Your copy of the approved I-129F filed with USCIS)

These are the documents that will be required for the next step t0 when it comes to the US fiancée visa application. Speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand for more information as well as assistance when completing this stage. Many issues can occur at the visa interview.

Form DS-160There are a number of other documents required however these are only the basics. You will need to speak to an immigration lawyer about what is needed in more detail. The proof of relationship requires all documents and photos to show that your relationship is valid and real. Your emails as well as text messages as well as any video or photos you might have together has to be shown. This is normally the thickest file you will have.

The police clearance certificate in Thailand is also very important as it has to show that she does not have a criminal record. This is normally not older than 6 months and there is a process for obtaining the criminal record clearance. Note that it does take a while to obtain the police clearance certificate as this has to be done at Special Police Branch in Bangkok. Your lawyer in Bangkok would be able to arrange this for your Thai fiancé.

Note also that the US visa interview will also require additional documents and that is the final process in obtaining the US visa for your Fiancée. Depending on what type of visa has been applied for the questions may be different. Someone applying for a tourist visa will not get the same questions as someone applying for a marriage visa or fiancée visa. If you fiancée does not know where in America you are going to live then they might flag that as a relationship that is not authentic.

Take proper legal advice as mistakes can be very costly. Also consider a Thai prenuptial agreement before the marriage.